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We deeply appreciate many people have been to ORCHID MASSAGE since it opened at Soi 31Sukhumvit Rd.
We take pride in our shop which offer you various types of massage.
Of our popular massages, TESTICLES MASSAGE is the most popular.
It was indeed our shop that started orthodoxTESTICLES MASSAGE earliest for Japanese.
Now our shop is popular among not only Japanese but also Thai as the originator of it.
TESTICLES MASSAGE is usually optional (250B for 30 minutes)
on every courses ,but GOLDEN COURSE includes TESTICLES MASSAGE and is reasonable.
This course might be good for people who visit our shop for the first time.
For TESTICLES MASSAGE has been a long history from ancient times in Thailand, it needs high techniques and experiences.
So we've got a expert to train our massage
ladies before we started it. It works well for improving the circulation ofthe blood ,lower back pain and impotence

Golden Set

Golden Thai
(Thai Massage 1.5h+Testicles Massage 0.5h)


Golden Oil
(TOil Massage 1.5h+Testicles Massage 0.5h)


Golden Aroma
(Aroma Massage 1.5h+Testicles Massage 0.5h)


Golden Milk
(Milk Massage 1.5h+Testicles Massage 0.5h)

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